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The events of the past few years have exposed weaknesses in many investors' asset allocation strategies and reminded investors that Managed Futures is a true alternative. Investors are rediscovering decades of research supporting Managed Futures'  and their key role in diversification as well as a liquid source of alpha. Managed Futures satisfies investors' post Credit Crisis concerns as well, namely: liquidity, transparency, and regulation.

Future Gate Capital Management is a global systematic managed futures manager founded in 2003. We manage highly customizable Managed Accounts and Pooled products targeting non-correlated absolute returns, liquid and transparent managed futures strategies across a broad set of asset classes.

Future Gate Capital Management takes positions across over 100 markets such as financials, commodities and foreign exchange. Positions in markets are taken through regulated exchange-traded futures at low transaction costs. The strategies have long been known to provide necessary protection during such periods of upheaval as they opportunistically and nimbly identify, monitor, and capitalize on global investment opportunities arising from non-random price movements, therefore providing a strong source of portable alpha.

Future Gate Capital Management's mission is to create and compound wealth, improve the risk-adjusted returns of existing portfolios and preserve capital for its individual and institutional investors in a variety of market environments. We achieve this through the implementation of Energetic State Analysis™ (ESA), a unique proprietary systematic investment program with over 12 years of research and development, that applies advanced analytical technology.

Future Gate Capital Management uses an integrated multi-strategy approach to identify, monitor, and capitalize on global investment opportunities arising from non-random price movements in futures, commodity, and forward markets. Continuous and highly integrated risk management approach monitors and controls risk at multiple levels. Our commitment to continuous research and innovation coupled with the integrity of our team, endeavors to develop systems that are ahead of the curve, and adapt to the rapid changes in global market conditions.

Registered with the Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC). Registered with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). Member of the National Futures Association (NFA).

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